" Jinnie In a Bottle "

                             I can be wat ,u want to see me as . I am a angle as well as can be a devil depending on situation given to me ,& can be a presenter ,singer ,a actor ,a comedian or watever role  can be i thought of as be in  , coz if im kept in comfortable & plausible condition then i grew faster and hence give fruits accordingly , thing is only that how im kept as and wat role u want me into .if i am kept in a comfortable enviornment i grow faster as well as & but take you/surroundings also grow accordingly cos i am like ' Jinnie in a bottle ' .  So come lets grow faster with togetherness and take responsibility of growing each other.
      So lets come together to foster each others growth and leave behind the past and let me device everything as basic algorithms of growth had been changed by me where centre point is me .keep me happy for to be happy ."  Wat you give is wat u  get " as per new rules " . Give some to Get some "

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