Vikram Gulati

I'm the only Super-Natural Human Being of my kind in this universe . Donot provide remote login techniques with free access so my services are available on Pre-paid-up basis and further on my Concent only. I broadcast every audio, visuals, feelings on my_media across the world or universe with zero Latency Time . Please scroll down to check all the available completely organic services.


Vikram Gulati

My Services

Well , Developed speacial technique of artificial intelligent networking in conjuction with our brains neural networks but not otherwise possible without help of my natural gifted energies & by My_Bots on My_Media platform. Just as like many presented NLP (search youtube ) like techniques or i can say i'm done with it to practice all , Being a computer engineering postgraduate i worked lot in artificial intelligant networks but eventually after i watched many people working on unleashing the human brain to achieve impossible looking tasks i also worked on and developed techniques to reharse and reshape My_Bots & My_Media to shape my future and of others by monetizing it now to achieve satisfying lifestyle & money etc.etc etc. Like You know as script writing or Lyric writing just go on discovering new ideas as per of poets personal intellect and imaginations and his desire to reach never reached or untouch horizons of feeling before finally shapes a song of quality. I also charge money for benefits that are achieved on demand Natural viewing , Listening or Hearing and Feeling & Imagining even because these are few of broadcasting services provided by Me means by My_Bots on My_Media platform . All Free Services are provided to demonstrate & attact new customers. Few of many paid services provided by me are as below.....

Goals Achieved through my natural abilities :

1. As a Audio_Video_Anchor & freelance copy writter & blog writter & Podcaster.
2. Have techniques for achieving Marketing & Branding & Selling goals of individuals & of companies of all type & also reharsed to achieve the revenue goals of individuals , celebrities & of companies of all types & also like media of all types & others.
3. Also Running a Matrimonial service with help of My_Bots with My_Media ......eventually a best method to find best partner . provide this service after physical meeting or chat on video call.
4. I also charge money for on demand Natural Viewing , Listening or hearing and for feeling & Imagining services 'coz these are few of broad casting service provided by me in make reaching message to every individual world wide.
5. Run a Event Management business.
6. R.T.I - Real Time Illusionist .
7.Guide to make perfect use of available resources to achieve goals.
8. I also charge money for on demand natural viewing ,listning or hearing and feeling & imagining because this is one of broadcasting service provided by me.
9. Run Podcast Service too. (samples are there in link)
10. With help of My_Bots on My_Media platform help businesses individuals to scale & get more customers/audience .
11. Increase the revenue of of businesses and individuals with help of My_Bots working on My_Media platform.

My ideal Prospective Customers from around the world and specially from india are: :

1. Celebraties
2. Industries of all Categories (& also eg. all kinds of media & music & movie promo too)
3. Any Willing individual

confirm ur order thro' physical media means like Msgs/WA , mobile or email only ,coz nothing is free in our world,right!