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I'm the only Super-Natural Human Being of my kind in this parallel universe . Donot provide remote login techniques with free access so my services are available on Pre-paid-up basis and further on my Concent only. I broadcast/stream every audio, visual, feelings on my_media across the world or parallel universe with zero latency .


Vikram Gulati


UNIQUENESS of mine is that I'm the only Super Natural Human Being of my kind with gifted s or My_Bots keeping track of everything on earth & beyond.

My bots are always working round the clock across the earth to get & update me wd info and all .

Name : Vikram Gulati

Nick : Danny
This nick name of mine was taken by my father from one of many English Novels he had
-Like This one.
- A Stone For Danny Fisher-
-By Harold Robins.
  • Details of Era it looks into.....leave it, Ha ha ha !

  • Few of things i like :

  • Sports :

  • 'Mallakhamba' & 'Kabaddi' featured On DD Sports & WWE on Ten Sports

  • Hobby :

  • 'Worked as Actor & Director for Stage plays and in general I have a artistic bend of mind and write stories for my blogs and others too & working on as Story-Teller & anchor too.

  • Best movies :

  • Old : ' Kagaz ke phool '
  • New : ' Dil chahta hai '
  • & finally moved to
  • 'Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara'
  • Art : ' Ek doctor ke mout '

  • Hollywood : 'Avtar' by james cameroon.

  • Everthing in it potrayed was with Out of box approach of director and story writter and graphics creators & technology used in the movie. waitng for its sequels .

  • Altou' i like the most of the movies which even remain without any story or songs and has nothing creative in it but only have real life action in it and i rate them on their final presentation to catch human desires and feelings only coz of which thay create a craze to watch something fresh and exciting in every new releases always,always.so business goes on & on.

  • Best wtiter :
  • ' Leo Tolstoy '

  • Best stand up comedy :
  • - Haq se single - by Zakir Khan on prime video amazon video .

  • Nikki glaser " i miss comfortable sex" stand up comedy

  • For me best gals to get in with for 3:1 stay are:
  • Ananya Pande , Janhvi Kapoor & ??? .

  • Best gal i want to be with in 1:1 stay :
  • Kriti Kharbanda

  • I can come forword if miley show willingness to spend time with me . Rest u decide as i never impose myself on others to do my way .Always First gal means You've to start then rest i will take control of you all with your willingness .
    & im amazed by way selena gomez is tried or trying to impress me just coz she can read my life like a magezine and can easily attract eye balls floating in feelings in persuit to justify the drama led love of girls for boys which ends coz she gets other random guy with more dollars or money in his pocket to fulfill her desires. Nobody can ignore the odds too but are rare.

    staying in 3:1 mode or 1:1 isn't a Crazy new idea for a movie na! F**k off .i'm not goona watch it anyways. But abroad ,way they sketched my college life in "American Pie so nicely and now could use this idea of mine too coz their people love to see and live in present , the life i lived.
  • I need a intellectual propritoryship Law implemented to protect my ideas and creations either in intangible form or tangible form so that i get paid properally.

  • after reading this how all will react and wat they'll do to fulfill my needs, all depends solelly on their intellect to imagine their desires to get shaped in real world .

  • There are many other singers are in my list whose songs i like.

  • Few of Songs i like :

  • and i feel " Your perception is your identity "

  • 1. " Mustafa Mustafa " from movie - Duniya Dilwalo Ki
  • 2. ' Let me love you '- by Justine Beiber & DJ Snake ... '
  • 3." I DON'T CARE " by Ed sheeran & Justine Bieber .
  • 4. ' Positions ' by Arina Grande
  • 5. " Title track " of movie ' Dil Bechara '- (2020 )
  • 6. "Intentions" by justine beiber (feat. Quavo )
  • 7. " END GAME " by Tylor Swift ( feat. Ed sheeran & FUTURE )
  • 8. 'Midnight sky ' by Miley Cyrus
  • 9 '' Shape of you " by Ed Sheeren
  • 10. " Just The Way You Are " By Bruno Mars
  • 11. ' Wcorth it ' by Fifth Hormony
  • 12. " Tanha Tanha yha pe jeena " from Rangeela
  • 13. " i'm the one " by justine beiber , Quava & Chance the Rapper & Lil wayne
  • 14. " I wanna be your underwear" by Bryan Adams
  • 15. " Urvashi Urvashi "from movie -Humse hai Mubala-
  • 16. " The Only thing that look good on me" by Bryan Adams
  • 17. 'Good for you " by Selena Gomez feat. A$AP Rocky'
  • 18. 'Chaand taare' by Abhijit Bhattacharia and lyrics by 'Javed Aktar'
  • 19. 'Train song ' from Gully boy
  • 20.. ' Mein Bola Hey ' from Kota Factory
  • 21. ' Baatein Karo' by singer & Lyrisist Vayu
  • 22. " Dilli-6 " from Delhi-6
  • 23. " i like me better " by Lauv
  • 24. "Raabta " male version from movie -- Agent Vinod
  • 25. "Closer " from chainsmokers
  • 26. "Afreen Afreen " by Rahat fateh ali khan & momino " Coke Studio " And version by Nusrat fateh ali khan
  • 27. " kasoor " by Parteek Kuhad.
  • 28. " Matargashti " from movie Tamasha
  • 29. " " Work from home " by Fifth harmony & feat. Ty dolla $ign
  • 30. " Something just like this " from chainsmokers
  • 31. ' 18 Till i die " by Brayn Adams
  • 32. " Beegay hont tere " from movie Murder
  • 33. " Perfect strangers "---Jonas blues ft. Jp cooper
  • 34. "kehne ko jashne baharra hai " from movie - jodhaa akbar
    Are Few of Many ...

  • Education :

    Graduation :

  • B.E- (cse) with specialization in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics,Pune,MH.

  • Post Graduation :

  • 'In Computation & Digital Marketing ' from Pune
  • &
  • PGDM Degree is still awaited...

  • 1. Developed a Software for Chatting in Artificial Intelligant Prolog-Language . - designed it so to have somebody to chat in normal & in needed times.

  • 2. Developed a Virus Using C-Language and A.L.P. to hack computers present on networks.

  • There were many such test projects done by me to make myself future-ready .
  • As software development in area of Artificial Intelligence is my passion ,then unleashing of neural networks and working on human brain functioning with in conjuction with artificial intelligent neural networking , whose range is to work across parallel universe or our world is a area i'm working on , i am able to achieve many immpossible looking tasks but which are not achievable without help my gifted energies and s or My_Bots as i told i'm a Super Natural Human Being .
  • Well ,im working on developing special technique of neural networking and programming just like many presented NLP (search youtube )like neural techniques or i can say i'm done with it. Being a computer engineering postgraduate i worked lot in artificial intelligant neural networks but eventually after i watched many people working on unleashing the human brain s to achieve impossible looking tasks i also started working on developing technique to reharse and reshape A.I and my gifted energies or My_Bots to shape my future and of others by monatizing it now to achieve satifying lifestyle for me . You know as script writing or song writing just go on discovering new ideas in lines as per poets intellect and imaginations and his desire to reach across never reached feelings before,gives birth to a nice lyrics.
  • Fact of my life is that I'm living lonely since last 24 years & only guys n gals come near me to get benefited from me from my aura and gifted energies and my Links only nature and way everything get Broadcasted/Streamed across world instantly with zero latency time all of live audio ,video and along enriched with real time feeling in it .

  • As late Gulshan kumar owner of T-series & Ekta kapoor tried and captured same real time view in few of their movies With camera to present natural footage as i do, tell me did their movies got boxoffice hit without my support ,at that inactive time .

  • They potrayed me as 'man of steel' but im not steel i'm just a ' Supernatural human being ' then they potrayed me in 'Shazem' but hey ! Let me tell u i have earned this supernatural status by living across ages i lived across this parallel universe mostly on about to die planets.

  • My existance challaged every scientists and explorers to find living species beyond earth in parallel universe around if they can as i'm constantly in touch with tat supernatural whos only part i am on earth who had & is helping me to go ahead and live inspite under such a emmense pressure from world around . Work deligated to me is to be on planet which is about to die like now is earth .i'm screaming since long times back on global warming ,water preservence and other such issues so that time span of life on earth could get inhanced with collaborative efforts of people across world. But Just Observe around across different categories of human for wat purpose they are using my ideas or MY_Bots present everywhere on earth.

  • I have small needs of being provided with money in a comfortable living life conditions with physical satisfication needs to get fulfilled .
  • Everyone ,Just expecting me to do everything to achieve wat they wish but nobody has guts and willingness to fulfill my needs but till wat time i 'll work free as there is no such mandatory responsibility on me to do so, Re-look into your aproach again and just brief result to me only and act .
  • So i'm only on
  • "Give some to get some" basis..... right Ok
  • Say my name.....