" Friends with benefits"

                             where two souls meet ,they become soulmates and results into a  marriage The life long believed bond these days but depending on state of minds of both sex's the ultimate objective of any kind of relation from Love affair or of deep friendhip or friends with benefits  is ultimately remains marriage but depends solely on mutual emotional consensus of  both boy & of girl
     Actually anytype of relation donot reach a destination without mutual concent of both the sex's and where without involvement of emotions forces the bond between the two.
     Actually seperation of relationship remains near to impossible in most of love affairs but guys who walks away from such bullshit emotional relationships but still like each other to that much extent that finds company of each other  so adorable  that a bond of togetherness called  'friends with benefits '  get established between the two and  apparently attract both to establish sexual relationship. 
     Then happy times happens but believe me sex has such a power that anyone who calls him or her emotionless turns emotional with time in turn results into the magical bond called  'Love' , but if any one of person among two is still void of emotions ,the relation breaks like a glass gets broke with piece of stone , there could remain many reasons that other person don't see future in married life like institution .

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