" Mini - Skirt "


             Ops! I still remember my phycological feelings for my best friend when she came to school in mini - Skirt , my feelings sizzled like Uff n Ahh when i saw her crismatic Avtaar in mini-skirt moving towards me . That day her conversation tastes entirely different from a normal day routine chat .
         Actually , i got exciited & crazy about her in mini-skirt and since than i recearched a lot about phycology of a girl while in Mini-Skirt ,coz boys sides story anyone can imagine tat obviously they instantly get attracted towards her .
                  It's like when a boy/Man sees a girl in attractive Mini-skirt a special type of harmone called 'dopamine' secrets in boys/man's brain which makes him excited and feel happy opinion towards the girl and gets attracted to girl in mini-skirt and even " dopamine" drives him feelings like having even upto sex with her .This all reseached white papers says.
           While most of the girls wearing mini-skirts just want or expect extra attention from opposite sex as well from girls around but as usuall exceptions  do exsits . Mini- skirt brings sexuality part to play its part and Law of attraction gets applied .
                       In market actually there are 15 to 16 types Mini- skirts are available from short to knee long and from tight to lose one which each brings different kinds of feeling in mind of girl mind's buying a Mini-skirt  based on kinda feelings she wants while being in it and what kinda image she wants to creates in mindset of sorroundings. Lastly can conclude on that Mini - skirts glorify the looks and enhance her x-factor & also glorify her image and creates a special attractive story in minds of public watching her and but also like to say each person on earth has his own Ass so anybodies opinion about any girl shouldn't effect her decision to wear a mini. As its just one life to experience everthing & sorroundings & enjoy life his or her one-life .

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