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After lot of travel & meeting n observing various types of humans of different levels come to know across different dimensions of human brain in persuit for knowing brain functioning & also Artificial Intelligence in conjuction with my gifted energies and My_Bots on My_Media platform ,finally have developed many impossible looking tasks as listed on my site,for time being. . This whole method to scale biz. and to get more clients ,leads and others etc etc etc. . My method is completely Organic & has no harm if used by me only . The key points of my business are to scale biz. and increase clients or audience & other services are mentioned on services beyond listed one are possible & which will be updated at proper time . Like everything else my services are available on payment of money & rates depends on type & level of service wished by client, as mentioned in below link : Rgrds, Vikram Gulati 78-3806-3805

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