Fashion Blog : " Sheath Dress "

           " shape of you...."
The sheath dress emphasizes your curves & is especially effective for curvy body type with slim waist line , wide hips & large bust areas.if you have a pear shaped figure & you are consious of the size of your hips eclipsing your upper half ,go for sheath dress .
          In humble opinion sheath dress work for all types of officers from casual to conservative.
        A blazer or sleevless upper could be added to enhance the look & few jewellery as per your liking could be added to enhance the look  . 
      On the whole keeping upper little loose will make you comfortable at work & good in looks .Being a western wear  it gets chosen by large number of laddies/girls around ,also gets mesmrissed by your looks in  due to sheath dress .
      Body fit or tight dresses are just not present in western wardrobe but were very much accepted by ancient hindu culture since the old days . Effigies & "Apsara" like ' Menaka ' & ' Urvasi' & 'Rambha' also used wear body  tight dresses to enhance their looks and look attractive. 
      Basically anyone of any body type can wear sheath dress but it also best suits slim figured ladies/girls & it  attract large number of eye-balls & gives feel of being different &  important & also gives a feeling of confidence while being standing  among the  crowd .

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