" Relationship "

                              Relationship word got emereged purely from combination of two beautiful words i.e Relation + Ship & in my case all ships of all  my relations got drowned inside water ,since long . Place i'm right now ,see co-incidence also named after word Jalandhar  ,which emerged from two words Jal +Andhar  purely means ' Inside the water ' . Fuck it...... as i'm ready to shift to any place ,which would offer me comfort of all kinds necessary for living a easy going life , fuck off if i'm not provided wd everything i want at an earliest ....its like come my way or follow highway...i want to be at any comfortable place on earth to provide wat actually  expected from me.

    There is proper time for everyything , as A.I.D.S came wen i was just busy in kissing n cudling & seduction only etc to teach me importance of condom for next step tat SEX and now  requested  misery CORONA came coz people everywhere were moking living my life baring my presence  everywhere, all....., ops! I told my written story with snaps to let people know ,wat the hell  people know about all positive parts of my life ....ops ! Fuck now mock my lifestyle ,anyways if u cud even if whole earth gets corona vaccinated . 
Letme tell you one more coincidence CORONA stands for CORO + NA & in hindi it sounds like Karo-na  .... means
 just do it .

P.s : without my permission only misery is wat u people will get on earth......fuck off...just give some to get some process only ,isn't .

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