An old Movie Review by me : " Do Knot Disturb "

                                     Release date :  2-oct-2009
         Movie is full of characters and who revolve around different situations with Directors fantastic control on them make audience smile. Director made his efforts to involve variety of audience though lost control over few scence where few of charaters seemed overacted sometimes but overall magic created in movie hall binds audience even till the last scene of movie.

  Dolly...Dolly..... stream sizzles the enviornment. 

        Story  revolves around a C.E.O  his  G.F and his strict wife who keeps a strict vigil on her husband's movements . Story in typical bollywood style is complicated with infusion of heart touching characters but sketched  in so simple manner  on silver screen that anybody  can fall in love with freshness created by the director  , keeping a marvelous watching experience intact with songs  adding points to rating , whole movie is shot indoor with eye catching beautiful ambience.  Simple & very easy mood light funny but glamorous movie ends with a flavor of old stish shah's classic comedy " Janne Bhi Do Yarron " .

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