Hero & Villian illusion cleared

                             I'm not wat happened to me but i,m wat i chose to be ,so in every story there are hero and a villian and who can be the same man its the situations which drives him to become a hero or a villane . Did you ever saw a superhero to behave as a comedian ,exactly not ! as doing comedy is not attribute or responsibility of a superhero coz he is there  to fulfill a purpose .It is said that every power come with some responsibilities. After  all watever way i lived life  till now,  if  you observe ,my face in answer to your query ,you will be immensly , overwellming parents . All mist around will be cleared and my truths

And everybody come in ,to this real world to fill the 'Blank spaces '  as lot of things need to be done and keeping in mind tat i'm also working really hard to live profssionally as i'm not like the prince of arabian world  ,afterall that all my wishes gets fullfilled automatically. easy and keep easy.and talk sense to me. 

Lets make live and let live.
  Work hard to get connected to make your things happen.

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