" Termed As Loser"

Yes i'm termed as a loser wen it comes the way to give me some position in real world otherwise if i opt to help others ,then they become king of their field  & fact weither that perticular prrson associted wd me deserves to be at  that offered position to him/her , so if i do such acts for others benefits i'm termed as  A King  Maker ,worldwide      ..wat the fuck is this ........ok      if i know how to nurture the talent in right direction then why dont such high class wd high salaried positions are not offered to me.     People termed as boss in any company always put me in low level job along with responsibilities of like CEO and M.D/ owner of company to flourish their biz. but wd salary like i left or died for corporate world in May-2008 or you can say i was shown out doors of corporate world coz i then denied to thinking like me workigg as ceo or m.d owner of compsny without getting passive or active tat level income ,right . THIS IS WHY I'M CALLED LOSER OR OK NOT ANYONE ON MEDIA TERMED ME WITH MY REAL NAME I.E VIKRAM GULATI OR DANNY. Well if they do then i will be benefited by my powers and energies or wat u know very well . So at last im giving a ultimatum : do for me or perish....right my way or highway   u follow any.....just foeget me altogether if u cant give me meterialistic benefits like money The formost & then Name and fame .......or i will finish everything .....Yes im termed as Hero coz of my good  deeds but do u know same good person can also turn to evil too depending on situation So plz dont u try to invoke evil side of me like a ' joker'   .u know joker is a oscar award winner film where director n actor skeched mind of person like me so fantastically that movie got awarded The prestigious The Oscar Award and please request u to have a look at it....Before  messing with me. For 24 years i been living in hell and believe me now its your turn to live a hell like life as time passes by each day forword.thro' ...

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