" To be Somebody "

         "To be Somebody "

Its simple coz every relationship can exist only if  communication between two ya between boy & girl exists .other wise its just a admiration to shape/figure of girl ,which last till person is near .... &  girls get attracted by x-factor of boys wd feelings based on attraction in boy for attachment of two of them baring some factors like personal intellect or his approach & links ,first then comes other vital  aspects of guys life. Isn't...... i have found tat people act acording to their physical looks ,isn't kizzi , not as they actually are inside means as of like their default basic instinct towords life is. 
                         I just imagine tat if all girl n boys start living like the basic instinct they have by keeping little care about social norms , life on  earth will turn to heaven.
Heaven & hell are just our perceptions only wd a persuit to preach others..otherwise tell me who once left life go up to heaven or hell and has come back to share his/her experience of hell n be normal , keeping all unreal dreams aside and live ur life with ease coz nobody knows wat the future has stored for world population as per our present  way of living life with selfishness just thinking about for own only.......gr8 ,tc enjoy

"Way you see is wat you get"

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