-------Again 32 -------

                                               At the End of that year actually was waiting for car to come but saw and then wow ! A White not Red , means safe area to enter in with a guiding hand in Rolls - Royce was little crowd ,l thought and crossed the cutie with bone and less of meat structure driving to a unknown destination but tried something by showing trailer with z k ## 3232 plate , is breast-waist size may be or but not or may be something else , had little time to waste but as just crossed , car roared , no not roared but horn screamed quietly as was a try to communicate in a encrypted way or just my positive attitude for God upthere to observe .Was a definite quite  message to God  and definitely he would design better models for next generation of Human beings - boys n girls to be with little more easy compatibility . Will i get story after trailer for next round of meeting , Trailer was Good and waiting for story to take its folds in time to come .

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