" Live In Present "

People in india no matter i were in a metro or in a city or in a town or in a villages,people everywhere live in imaginening past or love to live imaginining future but WTF nobody here is capable enough to face, enjoy and live in available present moments of life. Dont see thro' as its been thoroughly researched by me on all possible practiccal aspect of life of we the indians . I can give example of movies (as they are believed to be a mirror to life) with story line on present facts gets badly failed like " gurudutt's -Kagaz ke phool ' while shows or movies sellling dreams of past and future are always liked by masses . WTF is it the way life should be ,so,decide as we need to change this approach towords life . Change is only possible by collaborative efforts from all concerned people only. Ha ha ha ! I can't figure out Its a matter to laugh or cry on . Think n Act now if you could see it as same as i do. So better to live in present than any...,............

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